Digital Industry News – February 2015


Digital Industry News

Get your popcorn ready, ‘YouTube – The Movie’ is coming soon!

  • YouTube have commissioned agency Anomaly London and Oscar nominated documentarian Nanette Burnstein to make a movie exploring the world of YouTube Creators, view trailer here
  • ‘The Creators’ is focused on YouTube’s community of vloggers and their meteoric rise to celebrity status within the millennial audience. The documentary also aims to help marketers understand how these vloggers appeal to their young fans and what role brands can play on the channel
  • These YouTube Creators have built up huge ‘die hard’ audiences yet they remain an untapped opportunity for brands.  Hopefully the film gives brands a chance to learn from these digital innovators and understand how to work with them in order to reach loyal audiences


 Media Owner Update

Apple gears up to enter the Motor Industry

  • Rumour has it, Apple is revving up its engines to revolutionise the automotive world with the best electric car yet
  • Coded ‘The Titan’ Apple is said to have a ‘secret’ or perhaps not-so-secret team working on their biggest gadget to date
  • Could there be an even bigger rivalry with its competitor tech firm Google? Watch this space


Campaign of the Week

Skoda employs eye-tracking tech in creative first

  • Skoda has launched an interactive online experience called Fight for Attention
  • First advertising creative to use pupil eye-tracking technology, displaying user’s interaction with the film in real time
  • Ground-breaking innovation; technology that could be used with a variety of brands (e.g. clothing/trainers) to deliver human experiences


What’s Not

If Carlsberg ran TV adverts again, they would probably be the worst TV adverts in the world (arguably)…!

  • The Danish lager brand has reinstated its hugely successful ‘If Carlsberg did…’ campaign following a four year hiatus, but has apparently failed to replicate the success of its predecessor
  • Watch the brand new 40 second TVC (exclusive to Bytesize™) here and decide for yourself
  • The beer behemoth appears to be trying to directly harness the power of social media by looking to capitalise on the increase in UGC and internet memes. Something tells Bytesize that it’ll take more than a few Facebook likes to boost the popularity of this TVC


What’s Hot  

Check out the top 10 gadgets that are set to change the world

  • These high-tech devices have been built to make consumers’ lives easier or, maybe, just a little cooler
  • The products range from a ring with which you control every electronic device around you, to a real-life personal robot assistant and even a motorised back wheel for your bicycle.
  • Well and truly in the midst of a technological revolution, these high-tech advances, however, aren’t only for wealthy corporations to enjoy – the innovative gadgets are created for everyday consumers as well. Which one catches your eye?