Digital Industry News – October 2014


Digital Industry News

Find out why Facebook Atlas has the potential to revolutionise the way we target our audience online

  • With the new Atlas, FB can track and target users outside its own walls for the first time, placing it in direct competition with Google Display Network
  • Facebook claims that serving ads through Atlas will enable sequential messaging across devices and multi-touch point attribution
  • Whilst there will be drawbacks with this approach (restrictions with mixing data with brands own DMP, etc), one thing is certain, there will be a lot of change in this space & how the other big players react will be of interest to all of us


 Media Owner Update

Snapchat launch first in-app ad in US over the weekend

  • If users were already concerned about advertising invading their personal online space, this was perhaps not helped by the use of a horror movie trailer
  • Using the same bigwig who brought advertising to Instagram this is Snapchat’s first venture into establishing a real revenue model
  • It will be interesting to see the use reaction to paid ads, given the backlash other social networks received when entering this space


Campaign of the Week

Fast food giant hires ‘Full Monty’ director to produce a heart-warming tale of togetherness…with a twist!*

  • The ad focuses on two young boys dealing with the agony of defeat
  • BBH have taken an honest human story with identifiable characters set against an original but authentic backdrop, whilst seamlessly integrating the product.
  • This is another example of brand opting to move away from direct messaging in favour of delivering a more premium & subtle execution


What’s Hot  

Which mysterious tech start-up has received over half a billion dollars from Google? Click here to find out

  • “It’s one of the few things I’ve ever experienced in my life where I came out and said, ‘This changes everything. This is a marker of the future.'” – Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull
  • Not much is known about the tech start-up, Magic Leap Inc, except that it aims to create a seamless augmented reality experience by beaming 3-D images onto a user’s retina (perhaps using a new version of Google Glass)
  • This device can potentially be very powerful, especially if it is able to tailor itself to users’ everyday needs rather than position itself solely as a channel of entertainment.


What’s Not

As if they don’t have enough cash: Apple Pay fails by charging customers twice!

  • Apple Pay has come under fire after a glitch in the system left some customers charged twice for purchases
  • The new mobile payment system only debuted on 20th Oct but Apple have been forced to apologise to over 1000 customers for duplicated payments
  • With so many companies trying to break into mobile payment technology, this is an embarrassing start for one of the frontrunners in smartphone manufacturing