What Is Local SEO?

You know all about SEO, don’t you? Search engine optimisation…the best way to help potential customers find your website on the Internet. But what do you know about local SEO? Did you even know such a thing existed? If you have a local presence in your marketplace, then local SEO is something you not only need to know about but you need to practice as well.

The quickest way to move online searchers to your offline business

By optimising your website for local SEO, you’ll become more visible to people searching within your geographical area—in other words, to the target market of your physical business. Google already provides searchers with results that are geographically relevant to them, so the aim of local SEO is to make sure that Google includes your business in its local listings.


Naturally, if your business only exists online, this won’t be relevant to you. But if you have a shop or a restaurant or other concern that relies upon local footfall, local SEO could mean the difference between success and failure. Nearly half of mobile internet searches have a geographical element and smartphones are rapidly becoming the most important source of local information.

So how can I make sure I’m visible to my local audience?

You’ll need to optimise your site to include information about your location – and there are a number of things you can do relatively easily to set the wheels in motion.

  • Optimise your on-page for local audiences
  • Claim a Google My Business page
  • Create a Google+ Local page

Optimising your on-page local SEO

Be sure to include your location in both your page title tags and your page content. In addition, make sure your address is included on each page of your site in a consistent format. Include a map on your contact page and, furthermore, include your location in the meta description of each page.

Claim your Google Business page

Go to Google My Business, where you’ll be able to claim a page for your business that will directly link you to people searching in your local area – regardless of whether they’re using Google search, Google maps or Google+. You can include all your relevant information such as phone number, address and opening hours, while your customers can leave ratings and reviews, and even share your details with their own contacts.


Create a Google+ Local Page

You can create a local Google+ page, linked to your My Business page, for the purpose of communicating with your local customers. Keep them up to date with changes in opening hours, sales or special promotions, reviews and images. Make sure you use the right keywords to categorise your business correctly and reference you most important keyword in the title of your page. In fact the title should simply feature your brand name, your most relevant keyword and your location to be most effective. And finally, put your address on your Google+ page in a consistent format with the address on your website and your My Business page.

Follow these simple guidelines and before you know it, local customers will be beating a path to your door.  Additionally, get in touch with us for more information about our local SEO services.