Local SEO

Do you have a business location? We will make sure you are discoverable online
Top local search
We can put you ahead of your neighbourhood rivals through our effective research and extensive knowledge
Local SEO expertise
We have the experience to build your local, London based or international SEO profile in all leading search engines
Semantic Approach
We have the right tools to list you in all top directories which will give your business location high visibility
Local Optimisation
We will optimise your listings and your website to target & appear for your local locations in search results

Want to be top of the search rankings for businesses in your area?

For businesses that rely on a local footfall, SEO+ specialises in geographic placements. We can optimise your website to enhance your local SEO presence online and your appearance in geographic search results – by location, district, city, region or country.

Additionally, we will set up and optimise your Google Places listing to bring your company up on the first page, above the organic listings for localized search terms. And why does this matter? Because less than 15% of internet users ever look at the second page of their search.

Our local search optimisation work also extends to the PPC paid campaigns. Here we will sync your organic local listings with your active PPC campaigns to ensure that your paid search listings are shown to people and businesses in your area, city & country.

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